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Benefitting Hearing Officials and the Individuals they Serve...

Welcome to NAHO

The National Association of Hearing Officials, Inc., is a professional nonprofit organization formed in 1987 comprised of individuals involved in the process of administrative adjudication. The twelve-member Board of Directors is elected by NAHO's membership and represents all sections of the country and a variety of administrative jurisdictions.

The mission of the National Association of Hearing Officials is to improve the fairness and effectiveness of the administrative hearing process, thus benefiting hearing officials, their employing agencies, and the individuals those agencies serve by: 

~promoting professionalism;

~offering instruction on sound administrative adjudication practices and procedures;

~providing year-round continuing legal and adjudicative education;

~affording a national forum for discussion of important issues; and

~furnishing leadership concerning the administrative hearing process.

NAHO Annual Conference




SEPTEMBER 9-12, 2018 


NAHO inadvertently scheduled the Conference during the observance of the Jewish holy days of Rosh Hashanah. We apologize to those of you who will be unable to attend some or all of the Conference due to this error.  Should you be able to come for part of the Conference, NAHO will be reducing its daily attendance rates for those impacted by this scheduling conflict. 

 NAHO extends its sincere apologies for this unfortunate oversight; steps have been taken to ensure that this will not happen again.



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