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Welcome to NAHO

The National Association of Hearing Officials, Inc., is a professional nonprofit organization formed in 1987 comprised of individuals involved in the process of administrative adjudication. The twelve-member Board of Directors is elected by NAHO's membership and represents all sections of the country and a variety of administrative jurisdictions.

The mission of the National Association of Hearing Officials is to improve the fairness and effectiveness of the administrative hearing process, thus benefiting hearing officials, their employing agencies, and the individuals those agencies serve by: 

~promoting professionalism;

~offering instruction on sound administrative adjudication practices and procedures;

~providing year-round continuing legal and adjudicative education;

~affording a national forum for discussion of important issues; and

~furnishing leadership concerning the administrative hearing process.

Who would benefit from NAHO membership?  Regular membership is available to anyone who presides over administrative hearings, whether singly or as part of an administrative tribunal such as a board or commission, on any government level (federal, state or local) and regardless of job title--administrative law judge, hearing examiner, administrative judge, hearing officer, commissioner, etc. 

Associate membership is available to those who are involved in administrative adjudication as legal counsel, investigators and case workers who prepare and present the agency's case, and others interested in ensuring a just and qualified administrative judiciary, such as members of law school faculties. 

NAHO Members: Please make sure we have your current email address on file! You can update your email address anytime by logging into the NAHO website and updating your profile.  If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it here: 


Benefitting Hearing Officials and the Individuals they Serve...

NAHO Annual Conference





Join your colleagues for the 2021 Professional Development Conference in Philadelphia. The conference will be structured to deliver an array of educational courses on general administrative adjudication topics, ethics, interrupting and reducing implicit bias, management of administrative hearings, decision/order writing, evidence (basic and advanced), qualifying expert witnesses, and many more timely subjects.

The Conference will be held at the Element Hotel in the heart of Philadelphia near the city's arts and retail districts. The hotel boasts panoramic city views, an on-site fitness center, an outdoor pool bar and terrace and an Italian restaurant, Dolce. A variety of other restaurants are near the hotel.

Our conference venue is within easy walking distance of Independence Mall, which is the home of the Liberty Bell, The Old City Hall built in 1790, and Independence Hall which was completed in 1753 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Independence Hall is where both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were debated and adopted.

Also nearby is Franklin Court, a complex of museums and historic sites within Independence National Historical Park, located at the site where Benjamin Franklin had his Philadelphia residence.


There is much we still do not know about COVID-19. Here is what we do know, as of this writing (May 6, 2020):

  • Testing for COVID-19 is inconsistent and false negative test results are common.
  • Quarantining or self-isolation of those with COVID-19 symptoms, will not, in and of itself, stop the spread of COVID-19. The asymptomatic can transmit the disease.
  • COVID-19 has not yet peaked in the U.S., nor has it peaked in most states.
  • Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy models indicate it is likely there will be a second wave of COVID-19 this fall.
  • There is no vaccine to prevent the disease. While some people have been treated successfully, no cure has been identified.
  • COVID-19 is primarily transmitted by respiratory droplets when we speak, sneeze, cough or perhaps even breathe.

Given what we do know, the NAHO Board felt the most prudent course of action was to postpone the Philadelphia Professinal Development Conference until 2021.

Despite the postponement of the Philadelphia conference, NAHO wants to be an active part of the professional development of each member in 2020 and beyond. Toward that end, NAHO will soon be sending members a brief survey to complete. 

The online survey will take only a very few minutes of your time.  NAHO is seeking member-input regarding NAHO’s certification program, video resource library, member interest in live video webinars, the possibility of providing a mentorship program, and the professional development topics that would be of the most interest to our members for the 2021 conference and for upcoming webinars.

While we await the results of the survey, we will be offering these opportunities for you to connect with other NAHO members and to further your professional development:

  • NAHO is revising its newsletter format and its distribution schedule.
  • NAHO has reduced the rental fee for a single video from $25 to $15.
  • NAHO will be giving away NAHO-branded merchandise via social media.
  • NAHO will soon be presenting its first webinar.

Your suggestions regarding the ways in which NAHO may better serve its membership are always welcome. Please send any suggestions to your regional representative via email. You can find their email addresses by clicking the "About Us" tab at the top of this page and selecting "Board" from the drop-down menu.

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