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NAHO Members can join a Section at no extra charge to connect with other NAHO Members who do the same or similar hearings and attend section meetings. Only Members who have joined a Section by April 1, 2024, will be able to attend the first virtual Section Webinar meeting on April 18, 2024. Please join early!

Joining is EASY and QUICK! (Step by step instructions)

Just log into your Profile at

Click Edit Profile and scroll down to Sections

Select a Section from the drop down box

Click Save

Click the Privacy setting at the top –scroll down and click Sections to show your section to other members in the member directory (optional-YOU are in control)

Click Save

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Here is a description of each Section: 

1 – Natural Resources, Public Utilities



Natural Resources

Land & Water Use


2 – Education

Education (Special Education & School Discipline)

Teacher Employment

School Placement

Sports/Activities Participation

3 - Motor Vehicle & Transportation

Drivers’ Licenses

Public Transportation

Motor Vehicle

Civil Traffic & Parking Tickets

4 – Fiscal/Revenue or Vice Regulation

Taxation (all kinds)

Banks, brokers, loan agencies


Alcohol, tobacco, firearms regulations

Public works contracts

5 – Health & Human Services


Health & Rehabilitation

Child Welfare & Protection

Nursing Homes


6 – Labor & Employment

Unemployment benefits

Wrongful Termination

Pension Benefits

Wage and Hour

Collective Bargaining

7 – Public Safety & Civil Rights

Police & public safety

Correctional (parole, probation, etc.)

Civil rights

Code violations (zoning, building code, fire code, health code, etc.)

Animal welfare

8 – Business & Professional Licensing

Business & Professional Licenses

9 – Workplace Safety and Insurance

Workers’ Compensation

Business and Industry Insurance

Occupational Health and Safety

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