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July 16, 2016 3:08 PM | Anonymous

The following library titles are now available for viewing on line through Vimeo.

2003-02 Evaluating Evidence

2003-03 History of Administrative Due Process

2003-04 Judicial Decision Making: Subjective, Objective or Both?

2003-05 Justice vs. Prejudice and You

2003-06 Recent Developments in Administrative Law

2005-01 Controlling Disruptions in the Hearing

2005-02 Due Process: When Is Judicial Review Required?

2005-03 Elder Law: How Does It Affect Hearing Officials?

2005-04 Evidence Basics for Hearing Officials

2005-06 High Volume Hearings

2005-07 Doing Justice in Small Ways

2005-08 Atmospheric Conditions Affecting Administrative Hearings

2007-01 Ensuring Unbiased Administrative Hearings

2007-02 Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions

2008-01 History and Evolution of Administrative Law

2008-03 Judicial Ethics for Hearing Officials

2009-01 Researching Administrative Law

2009-02 Docket Management

2010-01 Is This A Circus or An Administrative Hearing?

2010-03 Dealing Effectively With The Pro Se Litigant

2010-04 A Culture of Respect

2011-01 Legal Research

2011-03 Nuts & Bolts Look at Due Process

2012-01 Alternative Dispute Resolution

2012-02 Writing Skills

2012-03 Advanced Evidence

If you wish to rent these titles, please send a Library Loan Request to the Librarian at  Regular viewing rates apply.

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